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First Class GRETA ! hahahaha..
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BigP  306 Days
In particular, Bloomberg mentions how French manufacturer Parrot SA halted most of its drone production in July. Software startup Airware Inc. raised $118 million from private investors before closing its doors and laying off 140 employees last year. GoPro's Karma drone was one of the biggest flops in the hobby drone space
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BigP  324 Days
WeWork consistently burns cash and has no expectation of making money “in the foreseeable future” according to its own SEC filing.
In fact, WeWork lost almost $1 billion in the first six months of 2019, putting it on pace to lose even more money than the $1.9 billion it lost in 2018. WeWork is going public at a valuation of nearly $50 billion !.
Much of this excess is due to WeWork’s legendary silver-tongued and messianic co-founder/CEO, Adam Neumann.
Neumann has actually been able to convince people that WeWork is a technology company, as a way to justify its absurdly high valuations.

There’s also not a SINGLE line item in WeWork’s financial statements that shows ANY research and development.
 For technology companies, this is ALWAYS an important item in their financials.
Google spent $16 BILLION on research & development last year, amounting to roughly 14% of its revenue. Amazon spent $22 billion, 12% of its revenue. Facebook spent $7.8 billion, nearly 20% of its revenue.
And even stodgy old Johnson & Johnson, which doesn’t even pretend to be a tech company, spent more than $10 billion (13.8% of revenue) on research & development in 2018.

402 Days


Eisman's conviction on Canadian bank short a nine out of 10 - BNN Bloomberg

Speaking to BNN Bloomberg on Monday, the portfolio manager made famous for his billion-dollar bets in The Big Short, said the Canadian banks’ second-quarter earnings have prompted him to add to his short positions on some of the nation’s financials.

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